Ich spreche Englisch nicht gut. Kann ich trotzdem teilnehmen?

Ja, kriegen wir hin. Bedenke bitte, dass dein Erleben der Gruppenzugehörigkeit in Dänemark womöglich vermindert ist, da Englisch die Sprache sein wird, die hauptsächlich gesprochen wird. Sprich gerne mit Kirstin darüber, um herauszufinden, ob du teilnehmen möchtest. Bei den deutschen Wochenenden wird Deutsch die Sprache sein, die wir hauptsächlich sprechen.

I don’t speak any German. Is it a problem?

You will not have any trouble at the retreats and we are expecting that most Germans will be able to speak English fluently. However the main language at the German weekends will be German. If you cannot speak German we will find a way.

What will joining this program cost me?

There is funding available from the EU. This money was calculated for funding travel costs, accomodations and seminar fees for 15 participants to go to the Denmark retreats. The weekends in Germany are not included in this. Whatever other costs there may be, we want to cover in solidarity. Your income and wealth will not be a limiting factor. If you need financial support – e.g. for travelling to the venue for the weekends in Germany – please get in touch.

Is this training program for me?

You do not need any prior knowledge. This program is for anyone who sees themselves as working towards social and ecological change. If you want to explore more, call Kirstin.

Do I need to participate in all the weekends and both retreats?

There is no general answer. We ask you to commit for all the weekends and retreats. At the same time things can happen and we want this program to be accessible to many people. If you cannot join in the first retreat and want to join for the second, it is a requirement that you have some prior knowledge of NVC (at least introduction or comparable).
Also you miss out on the wonderful, nurishing and enriching group learning experience, when you miss one of our in-person gatherings.
If this is a question to you, please get in touch.

(If you are aiming to be at the Rebellion Week in Berlin in October, we will figure out a way, and it will not be a hinderance to you participating. If you don’t know what the Rebellion Week is, that is okay. You will probably find out what it is during the time of the project.)

Can I bring my children?

We are commited to making this training available to parents. Since we want children to be a part of our community we are opting against finding a person who is responsible for children during sessions (children will not be allowed in sessions unless explicitly specified otherwise). Caring for children will be a community effort and how to do that will be part of our learning. There are limits which the group can hold, so please get in touch, so we can have a conversation about how old your children are and what they need and what you need.

I am XX years old – can I come?

There is not limit set to the age. We imagine that people of all ages will come together. Come, if traveling to Denmark is well doable for you. There is an implicit lower boundary, however this is not a fixed boundary and has more to do with how people see themselves, rather than a certain age.

Who else will be at the retreats in Denmark?

There are projects from 4 other countries which are also funded through Erasmus+. In October/November we will be together with a group of 25 people from the UK, as well as people joining from Denmark. There is a possibility others who are not funded through an Erasmus+ Project will join from who-knows-where.
In March we will be together with the group from the UK and people from Denmark and who-knows-where as well as groups of 5-8 people each from Austria, Poland and Romania.

How many people can go? What if more apply?

We can send up to 20 people and we will find a way to cover all the costs with the funding we have received and in solidarity.
If more people apply we will together find a way. Either we will come up with criteria or other creative solutions. This is what the Zoom call on the 29th is for. Together we will find a way.

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