Take a look at the people who are organizing and coordinating the project as well as those providing the content in Denmark

Organizers in Germany

Kirstin Heidler is the initiator of this project in Germany. She first came into contact with NVC in 2014 and has been inspired to use and share it since then. Since January 2019 Kirstin is involved with Extinction Rebellion Berlin. She is a mother of two children (5 and 1.5 years old).

Andreas Sallam is the CEO of Digital Builders GmbH and a member of the board for frekonale e.V.
As an activitst and IT-Manager he is working towards creating sustainable structures for the ecological and social change. Currently, he is training to become a Dragon Dreaming facilitator.

Lilja Liebert has completed a mediator training as a student and works as a honorary youth leader and chairwoman in the „deutsche reformjugend-e.V.“ spread throughout Germany. She is also very active for the change alliance (Wandelbündnis) as a networking person and is supporting the management and logistics of this project.

Corinne Wilsky has a lot of experience with funding programs from the EU. She is supporting the project in managmement and logistics and counseling with her expertise.


Pernille Plantener is the founder of BusinessByHeart and a CNVC Certified Trainer. She has extensive experience with project work and facilitating change for NGOs and non-profits as well as for-profits. Among other things she has facilitated restorative mediation for the Danish police.

Carl Plesner is a CNVC Certified Trainer and a Co-founder and coordinator of „Peace Engineers“ School’s curriculum (Ukraine). He is a Reconciliation and restorative justice Specialist, a mediator and a certified specialist on crisis negotiations (Denmark-Ukraine)

Gayano Shaw is the founder of Giraffe Social Enterprises in the UK and the mental mother of this project. She is a CNVC Certified Trainer and brings in her experience in facilitation and holding family camps in the UK. She is also supporting Extinction Rebellion in the UK.

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